Events are a main part of LA culture. We provide constant updates to let people know what’s going on and promote a fun and interactive city. Whether you’re visiting or from here events are a fun way to spend time and can give you a great feel for the city. Since it’s such a big city there’s always something going on. You can usually find something celebrating something you’re interested in, a fun sale, or a fair. We love this side of LA and write about it constantly- either promoting or reviewing- because it’s a fun and essential part of the city’s culture. There’s a diverse and rich culture and every part of it is reflected in these events and meetings. They’re also a fun way of meeting some of LA’s most interesting people. The city is massive with several different districts and aspects all with their own unique culture. This gives LA the opportunity to host several different and special events at the same time. We also report on events to let people know about traffic and parking in the area, and inform them about services that can help. Events, whatever their cause, are the pulse of LA and we want to promote that as much as possible.