Bike Tour in LA

A Bike Tour in LA Lets You Exercise and See the Sights

A Bike Tour in LA Lets You Exercise and See the Sights

Whether you are just visiting Los Angeles or you live in the area, there are lots of things for you to see and do in this wonderful city. Picking and choosing the places you want to visit most can be tough since there are so many sights you can see. It would be great if there was a way for you to visit some of the top places in the city all in one day. To make things even better, what if that visit was combined with some fun, outdoor exercise as well? While it may sound impossible, the truth is that when you sign up for a bike tour in LA with us at Bikes and Hikes LA, you can see the sights and exercise at the same time to make for an adventurous day.

See the Best of Los Angeles

We offer several different tour packages that you can select from so you can see the best of Los Angeles. We offer everything from a shorter bike ride of just a couple of miles to a more extensive, thirty-two mile ride around the city so that you can see it all. Our tours cover everything from the famous areas of Hollywood, tours of the Hollywood homes, Beverly Hills, beach areas like Venice and Santa Monica, and many other fantastic places. You can even arrange for a private tour so that we can accommodate your schedule and the places you want to go most.

The Exercise You Want

With the different selections we have for a bike tour in LA, you can get the chance to get the perfect level of exercise you may want for the day. We have a selection of distances and challenges for different bike tours in the area so you can choose the one that fits your skill level and fitness level the best. We also offer bike rental services so that if you prefer to rent a bike and take it out on your own for a day, a few days or a week, you have the flexibility to do so and get the exercise you want.

Discover Our Great Tours

If a bike tour in LA sounds like it is right up your alley then take the time to learn more about us at Bikes and Hikes LA. You can head over to our website at to learn more about our services and tour packages and you can book everything safely and securely on our website. Arrange for your tour today so that you can bike LA and see all that the city has to offer.