In Today’s World, You Need Medicare Claim Advance Funding

Taking care of a medical practice or medical business today presents you with challenges you may not have faced in the past. With an aging population, there is much more demand for medical practices than ever before, and many see more patients than ever before. Along with this aging population brings a greater dependence on the Medicare system as the primary system for insurance. With more people using Medicare now, this creates greater difficulties for you in funding your practice and getting your bills paid. In today’s world, the use of Medicare claim advance funding can be much more of a necessity to you.

The Strain of Medicare

With more patients using Medicare for insurance today, it means that you have greater challenges you face in getting paid for the services you provide patients. Dealing with government agencies is never an easy thing and getting payments from Medicare can often take months to come through. You may find that you have thousands of dollars each month outstanding in your accounts receivables all from Medicare payments owed to you. This shortfall in cash can put you behind and stall off any improvements you want to make to your practice like hiring more staff, buying or replacing equipment or renovating your location. You may even end up falling behind on your responsibilities in paying bills, vendors, and payroll.

Advance Funding is the Answer

Here at Healthcare Funding Source, we can provide you with the Medicare claim advance funding that can help turn things around for you. We can help you turn all of those invoices you have to insurance carriers like Medicare into the cash you need right now. Our factoring system can look at your accounts receivables and determine the value of the portfolio for you. We can then go out and get you the funding you need so you can get the cash flow moving into your practice again.

Find Out Your Options

You can find out more about the options available to you with Medicare claim advance funding when you contact us at Healthcare Funding Source. You can give us a call at 844-423-8637 and speak with one of our representatives who can help you set up a free, no-obligation evaluation so you can see what help you can receive and learn how quickly we can have everything in place to get you the funding you need to help boost your practice.